The Boy (a poem)

I knew this one boy 
with a heart as good as gold. 
His story (as told) is known as tragic, 
his life like black magic, 
beautiful, yet tragic. 
HIs heart as good and wide like a chink of gold, 
soon turned old 
soon unknown.
Used and abused, 
he was left a dark fuse. 
His razors never remained unused. 
His wrist
His heart
His soul 
Were torn. 

His heart, filled with morn, 
black and torn, 
he was done. 
And then he killed himself. 

He left me for another girl. 

You know, the battle between Athiesm and Christianity is so unneeded. I am an athiest, and Christians say and believe that Atheists force their beliefs down people’s throats, when in reality it’s the Christians who always talk about Jesus with people and share what they believe. Now, I’m not dissing that in any way, shape, or form, I believe that they have the right away to express their religion and share the love of a higher God to some people. But there’s a wrong way and a right way to do that. They blame atheists for forcing their beliefs on other people, when in reality, it’s the Christians and other religious people who do that. Atheists know and believe there is no God, and they carry on with their lives, while there is some atheists who love to piss people off and share their beliefs with other christians and love to argue. But, Christians are the same, and in some way, worse. So, if they say “Atheists are the ones who shove their disbeliefs in a God down people’s throats”, well, wouldn’t that count as being hypocritical since you’re doing that too? 

I also believe that when Christians hate on Atheists for not believing in a God, wouldn’t that go against their religion? Also, If there’s a God, isn’t he supposed to love all people? I hear all of the time that Christians are supposed to reflect “Jesus” and his “love” onto other people, but what happens when Christians spread hate? I think Christians need to keep living their lives, and not worry about who doesn’t believe in what. 

I also believe that Christians use the bible to hate on a group of people, like gays for example, in order to cover up that they hate people for no reason. I’ve been told by many christians that they “Don’t hate the sinner, they hate the sin.” But, weren’t we all born sinners? Can I hate your lifestyle, too? 

Just my opinion. 

Freedom of religion is a key factor in this country. 
Free hate is not.