That one nice Christian boy you knew and loved…

Warning: Language and terrible grammar.

On top of that shit, my fucking church is “acting above reproach” or whatever that means, and I’m not allowed to ride with anyone just because I am gay. Okay, first off, since when the FUCK did being homosexual differ than being straight? Homosexuals are looking for love, as well as for straight people. Just because I’m attracted to men and I am a guy, does NOT mean I’m going to fucking do anything or jump somebody. This whole world pisses me the hell off. This world is filled with homophobic, judgmental assholes that have nothing better to do than differ the world in social ‘classes’. 

And I’m sorry but aren’t churches supposed to make you feel GOOD about yourself and bring you closer to the Lord? If THIS is what church consists of, I can’t be associated with this shit anymore. This world is fucked.

I did it again. I messaged the first date I had (the one who wanted nothing but sex). I was told by numerous people not to contact the guy ever again, but I had to. It was either him or I’d be lonely for another year or two. I fucking hate being lonely. The reason that made me contact this guy again is because all of my friends never invite me to hang out with them, and this results me to being lonely…I’m not even in a relationship. The last type of relationship I’ve had- he was starting to be verbally abusive. I guess I only accept the love I think I deserve…which is shit. I don’t deserve anyone who treats me right because I feel like I have no use to people. Why would I want someone good to me, if I won’t give them anything good in return? It’s been two days since I’ve texted the guy, he hasn’t replied. Why can’t I find a nice guy to love me for who I am? 

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-intelligence (or lack of)
-skills (or lack of)
-weird hobbies
-friends (or lack of)

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